The Netherlands / Indonesia, 2015
Video installation and screening film
HD, 16:9, colour, stereo, 30 min.
'Jalan' is part of the four channel video installation Street vendors.

The Indonesian word 'jalan' has many meanings: street, work, walk, method, means, behavior. All these meanings fit with the street sellers in the film 'Jalan'.


'Jalan' is a work about ingenuity, recycling and resourcefulness within the informal economy in the streets of Jogjakarta. Improvisation, a talent for presenting the merchandize, and physical and mental flexibility characterize the traders and are necessary for making a living.
Many sellers arrange their stalls or products in an inventive and remarkable way which are solutions of practical problems such as lack of space. 
With the same inventiveness people use materials from their surroundings to generate income, one uses public space: sellers appropriate sidewalks on a daily base or go on the streets. 


'Jalan' describes a fictional day from 5 PM till 6 PM. The rhythm of the film is determined by the weather: the heat late morning, early afternoon, and the rain showers slow down the editing. Stories about certain sellers and materials intermingle. Materials like old carton, worn tires, empty plastic cups and bottles are repaired, re-used, stripped, bundled. The film shows the transformations without explaining. The audience slowly becomes aware of the appearances and disappearances in public space in Jogjakarta. Unintentional compositions, colors, forms and repetitive qualities remind of installations or performance art. Watch the film here.


I realized the film in 2015 thanks to generous support of Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Cultuurfonds. The research was supported by Dutch Film Fund.

I wrote the filmplan with the help of fellow artists Richtje Reinsma and Karel Doing. The film has been edited by Vava Stojadinovic and the soundtrack has been composed by Charly van Rest.

The premiere of 'Jalan' as an installation took place in Centrum Beeldende Kunst Zuidoost in Amsterdam on November 5, 2015 at 5 PM. The show lasted until December 5.

Excerpts from 'Jalan' were part of the solo exhibition 'Double juicers' at Polar room / W139, Amsterdam, in September-October 2018.