Pabrik Gula (Sugar Factory)

Photo and sound installation (2011-2017)
Slides and soundtrack on USB or mp4 and soundtrack on USB
Size varies

Pabrik Gula (Sugar Factory) are a set of 38 slides of workers in the sugar factory Pabrik Gula Madukismo in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. The portraits of comtemporary industrial production are accompanied by a soundscape based on original factory sounds by Charly van Rest.


Oét d'r Sjtub (Out of the Dust)
Group show with Melanie Bonajo, Roger Cremers, Chaim van Luit, Danae Moons, Sandro Setola, Su Tomesen
Curator: Lene ter Haar
Location: Museum Schunck*, Heerlen, NL
Exhibition period: March 6 till June 7, 2015
Connected to this photo installation at Oét d'r Stjub I also realized the neon sculpture mijn-dijn (2015) about the accumulation of capital during the time the coal mines were operational in the region. 'mijn-dijn' has been inspired by the pamphlet 'Carboonkolonisatie' (1974) by Nic Tummers. It's about aspects of colonialism in the history of the South Limburg coalfields. He describes the influence of it over the society which has developed there. Thanks to being presented next to each other, 'mijn-dijn' and 'Pabrik Gula', draw subtle parallels between Java and Limburg.

Sukru Sani (Surinamese for Candy)
Curator: Dimitri Madimin, producer: Joëlle Raus
Location: Amsterdam City Archives (Stadsarchief)
Exhibition period: Museumnacht 2017, November 4, 2017


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