Balkans and the Polder

In 2012 the study group 'Balkans in the Polder' presented a book about bottom-up urban planning, after having organized an international expert meeting in The Hague in 2011.

The core of the group consists of Ellen Holleman (designer), Robert-Jan de Kort (architect), Sabrina Lindemann (urban curator) and myself. The publication is designed by Ankie Stoutjesdijk.

I contributed to the book with the 31-page visual essay
'Balkans and the Polder' with photos of situations in public
space in the Balkans and The Hague.
I will upload photos soon. Some are online already.

The publication 'Balkans in the Polder' and the expert meeting are results of the research trip 'What’s up, what’s down. Cultural catalysts in Urban Space' organized in 2010 by the former Fonds BKVB, now Mondriaan Fund.
During this trip a group of twenty artists, architects, designers and writers investigated urban transformations of "secondary cities" in North-England (Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds), the Balkans (Tirana, Skopje, Prishtina), Spanish Basque Country (Bilbao, Vitoria) and Marseille.

More information about the research trip on the blog. I wrote the contribution 'Marseille: Een plek voor veel mensen met niet zoveel geld' about Marseille (Dutch only).

In October 2012 Balkans in the Polder was, together with Play the City, invited to take part in the Tirana Architecture Week.

Five of the photos in the book have been published as well in the 1st issue of Paperwork Magazine (London 2013).