Installation (2013)

The installation Escalera is 9 m. high sculpture, made of guadua, a Colombian variety of bamboo, with the illuminated words AHORA and AQUI in the top.

Exhibition: El Puente_Lab, Medellín, Colombia
Location: Western bank of the river Medellín near Macarena
Opening: April 18, 2013
Exhibition period: End of 2017 the work was dismantled
Concept and design: Su Tomesen
Advisor: Alejandro Vásquez Salinas

 Enviguaduas, Diego Velásquez,

Jairo Diaz, Mauricio Marin, Filemon Gonzalez, Jorge Rodriguez
Thanks: City of Medellín
, Juan Esteban Sandoval, 

Daniel Urrea Peña
, Paula A. Rengifo, Mayke Jongsma, 

, Zatelite
, Museo de Antioquia

The project was part of my artist-in-residence at
El Puente_Lab and was made possible by generous
support of Mondriaan Fund.

The work connected with the interest of the arts collective El Puente_Lab to activate the space of the river Medellín as a cultural space. For the design of the work I got inspiration
from the staircases outside many houses in Medellín, very typical for the city.
The tower is also a comment on the 'verticality' in Medellín, where space is scarce because of its location in the Aburrá valley.
The words in the top of the work, AHORA and AQUI, refer to  the inaccessibility of the river and its banks, and the fact that it's a barrier cutting the heart of the city.

Newspaper: El Colombiano, El momento y el lugar del río
Radio: El Citófono, scroll to April 14
Television: Telemedellín, Noticias

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