Installation (2008)

Groupshow 'Without a plan' with Peter Vink, Erzsi Pennings, Jacqueline Floor, Yarre Stooker, Su Tomesen
Curated by Ida van der Lee

Often a journey leads to new works. There are times I accidentally discover something fortunate, while looking for something else. This particular way of working was for artist and curator Ida van der Lee the reason to invite me for the residency / exhibition 'Without a plan' in Kunsthuis SYB in Beetsterzwaag in June 2008.

The day before arriving in Beetsterzwaag I returned from Beijing. Next to the jetlag I had to adjust to the huge differences between the megacity and the countryside. In four days I realised the installation 'Beijing-Beetsterzwaag': I built a room that resembled a hotel room and edited two video works for the room.

More pictures soon.

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