Installation / intervention in public space (2004)
Utrecht, The Netherlands

The curators of the show asked the artists to create temporary meetingplaces, in a neighborhood next to the centre of Utrecht, a neighborhood that would undergo a transformation in the near future. During some travels I got inspired by temporary buildings and the material they were made from, in Japan, in the Gambia (the last two photos). I decided to make a 'parasite' of five stories -a wink at the possible destination of the wasteland- called HUT.
Together with Carin van Dongen and Hans Josso I realised the work HUT: a frame of scaffolding with panels made from waste materials. At the ground floor we had a shop where all goods were for free. During the four days the exhibition lasted, we have had an estimated 750 visitors and have given away 2300 items.

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Location: Wasteland Ledig Erf Utrecht during groupshow with Peter Fengler, Harm Hajonides, Bas van Koolwijk a.o.
Curator: St. Kunst op Lokatie Utrecht (SKOL), Utrecht
Realisation: Carin van Dongen, Hans Josso, Su Tomesen
Thanks to: Broeke Steigerbouw, Barbed Light, AutoRent Vitesse, Weggeefwinkel, Ekodrôme, Aart-Jan van de Pol, Anja Romar, Falco Webbink, Hans Hiemstra, Leen Koppenol, Uli Kürner

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"Buitenkunst op een non-plek", Utrechts Nieuwsblad
“Ontmoetingsplek en podium” Lucas X

‘Het Schrale End’ als ontmoetingsplek, SKOL Utrecht, p. 4-5


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