Su Tomesen (1970) is a visual artist based in Amsterdam and Jogjakarta. In 2007 she got her MA in Fine Art at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. In the past years she participated in exhibitions such as ‘Selametan Digital’ in Langgeng Art Foundation in Jogjakarta, ‘Wanderlust’ in CBK Zuidoost in Amsterdam, ‘Oét d’r Sjtub’ in Schunck* in Heerlen. She had a solo with her husband, the Indonesian artist Teguh Hartanto at Erasmushuis in Jakarta, and a solo at Casa Tres Patios in Medellín. In the summer of 2014 she started the series ‘Plastic Indonesia’ with the works ’Toko’ and ‘Rumah’ in Amsterdam. Recently she realized ‘Jalan’, a film about everyday design and resourcefulness in the streets of Jogjakarta.

Her work consists of videos, photographs and installations and she travels a lot. Working abroad is a means of putting her (European) position, ideas and being into discussion. She has been artist-in-residence in Belgrade, Amman, Johannesburg and Medellín. She also worked for an international video project in Port-au-Prince, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. After meeting fellow artist, now husband, Teguh Hartanto in 2011 she’s partly based in Jogjakarta.

Su Tomesen brings works and experiences from abroad to the Netherlands, to Indonesia and elsewhere: “Sometimes I feel like an ambassador, I show works from Johannesburg in Yerevan or I present a video I produced in Cuba in Jogjakarta”. Her art works evolves from researching local circumstances and observing situations. Her background – educated as a historian and working as a director for television – is integrated in her work. By researching she informs herself about urgent topics: “I love exploring places, immersing myself, developing new work and contributing to local art communities.” The outcome of the research leads to site-specific works. 

Next to her work as an artist she teaches video workshops for organizations such as The One Minutes foundation and Unicef.

Amsterdam, September 2015