Pabrik Gula (Sugar Factory)

Photo and sound installation (2015)

Pabrik Gula (Sugar Factory) is a set of forty slides of workers of a sugar factory in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, where I live part of the year.
These portraits of comtemporary industrial production are accompanied by a soundscape based on original factory sounds by fellow artist Charly van Rest.

For this exhibition in Museum Schunck* in Heerlen I also realized the installation mijn-dijn (2015) about the accumulation of capital during the time the coal mines were open in the region. The works 'mijn-dijn' and 'Pabrik Gula' both draw subtle parallels between Java and Limburg. Both are inspired by the pamphlet 'Carboonkolonisatie' (Carbon Colonization, 1974 / 1966) by Nic. Tummers.

Exhibition: Oét d'r Sjtub (Out of the Dust) with Melanie Bonajo, Roger Cremers, Chaim van Luit, Danae Moons, Sandro Setola, Su Tomesen
Curator: Lene ter Haar
Location: Museum Schunck*, Heerlen, NL
Exhibition design: TTTVO
Exhibition period: March 6 till June 7, 2015

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